Does Your Lip Shape Match the Shade of Your Lipstick?


It is not only the geographical area that decides the shade of lipstick to be purchased. Sometimes your choice of lipstick should be based on age, gender and even the time of day during which you’d wear it. Your friends might recommend you a lipstick colour that they recently bought; think rationally. It may look inviting, the shade could seem perfect, but would it really look all that good on your lips? Here are some tips to help you pick the best fitting shade of lipstick for you based on the above conditions.

Do you own thin lips?

Many find thin lips as a down side to their beauty and turn to modern lip plumping methods. Is it worth it? All you need to do is to pick the shade that suits you. It is advisable that thin lips look better in the colours of light and pale colours like beige, peach and pink. They should also avoid usage of prominent colours like dark red or purple and proceed with a lip liner which would add to the overall finish of the lip colouring job. Instead of permanently plumping lips, you can use a lip plumping gloss which would give a look of fuller lips. It is safe and economical too.

Full and pouty lips

You own the pair of lips that most girls dream of. Yes. Full lips are considered to be a feature of beauty. Yet, it does not mean that any shade of lipstick suits you if you have full lips. On the contrary, your choice of long lasting lipstick is quite limited.

When you buy makeup online or visit a cosmetic store to purchase a lippie, always make sure to go for colours like red, mauve and light pink. Also, try to avoid usage of lip liner as much as possible and stick to outlining your lip with the same shade of lipstick used.

Daytime and night time

If you step out of your house during day time, make sure to look casual and simple; therefore stick to nude shades or very light shades which do not make your lips look too prominent. But if you are more of a night time person, bright red and hot pink will be the best picks for you. If you are to buy makeup online, place an order on shades that suite your requirements best since you will not be able to physically test a sample.

Age is not a barrier

Lipstick is most definitely not limited to an age group. Everyone likes to look beautiful. While light shades like pink and peach suite best for teenagers, colours like gold, beige and red are the best pick for older ladies.

Always know what your lips need; for, the shade that suits you best depends on many factors.